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Canada jobs

Business Immigration

If you are thinking of immigrating to Canada or are looking to move your business operations to Canada there are several rules and prerequisites that must be met, before the government will consider your application. Canada is an open multicultural country with a high population of foreign immigrants but they only accept people that offer something positive towards the growth of the country.

Canada has a Business Immigration Program and seeks business people with experience to support the Canadian economy. There are three classes of business immigrants: investors, entrepreneurs and self-employed persons.

The Investor Immigrant must make an investment of CAN $400,000 and must demonstrate business experience and a net worth of CAN $800,000.

The Entrepreneur Immigrant must demonstrate an ability to own and manage a business in Canada as well as creating new jobs. Entrepreneur must demonstrate business experience and a net worth of CAN $300,000.

The Self Employed Immigrant applicants have to be able to create their own employment by purchasing and managing a farm or contribute to the athletic and cultural life in Canada.

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