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Funds required for entering Canada as Skilled Worker

Canada does not offer financial support to new skilled worker immigrants, and if you apply as an independent immigrant youíll have to take care for yourself. Youíll have to prove that you have enough money to support yourself and your family after you arrive in Canada.

You will be asked to provide a proof of your funds when you submit your immigration application. The amount of money that is required to support your family depends on the size of your family:

# Family Members Required funds in Canadian dollars
1 $9,420
2 $11,775
3 $14,645
4 $17,727
5 $19,816
6 $21,905
7+ $23,994

The only case that you donít need a proof of funds is if you find a job in Canada prior your immigration entry and you are able to provide a proof for this employment.

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