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Medical examinations for skilled workers

If you are approved as a skilled worker immigrant on your interview, then you must pass a medical examination before coming to Canada. All your dependants must also pass a medical examination.

Your immigration application might not be accepted if your health is a danger to public health/safety or would cause too much demand on health and/or social services in Canada.

You will receive instructions on how to take the medical examination by mail, after you submit your application to the Canadian Visa Office.

Your medical examinations are only valid for 12 months from when you had the examination. If you do not enter Canada as a permanent resident during these 12 months, you will be required to take another medical examination.

The medical examination cannot be done by your personal physician. You must see a doctor listed on Canadian list of Designated Medical Practitioners, which can be found here.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada will make the final decision on whether or not your medical examination has been passed for immigration purposes. The Visa Office will tell you in writing if there is a problem with your medical examination.

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