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Job interviews are probably one of the more scary aspects of life, but if you are fully prepared and confident in your skills there is no need to worry. The cover letter is the first step towards building your career. A good written Resume is the next step and it the last step is meeting your future employer where the interview questions and tips are here to help you. The following steps should help you master the art of job interviews and save you from selling yourself short.

1. The Cover Letter

Not every job requires a cover letter but if you want to make a good impression, and let them know that you are professional and will take the position seriously then you should consider writing one. Essentially it is an introduction to your Resume and should outline where you heard about the job, why you feel you’d be good for the position, any relevant past employment and any skills you have or situations you’ve been through that make you a perfect fit. Keep it brief and to the point and refer to your Resume so they can see a full history of your employment and qualifications. Leave your contact details and say something along the lines of “I look forward to hearing from you.”

2. A Good Resume

A good resume is one that is personal, not mechanical and is tailored to the job you are applying for. Do not simply list all your previous jobs and qualifications, but describe them, what you achieved, how it furthered your life and what you’ve learned. An example:

Worked as a Waitress In a Restaurant:
It was here that I really developed my people skills, having to converse politely with customers, deal with any issues and work as part of a team. There was an occasion where a customer refused to pay because his starter was late. I diffused the situation in a polite and persistent manner. I think this would transition well in to this Tele-Sales position.

This person has managed to make a job as a waitress fit the position as a telemarketer.

3. Preparing for an Interview

Preparing for an interview is very important. They’ve shown some interest and this is where you really sell yourself. Dress smartly to show you respect the position, answer all questions and hold eye contact. It’s fine to be nervous, they expect that, but they want to see that you are interested despite the scary situation. Beforehand practice in front of a mirror and make a list of mock questions and answers.

4. Follow Up

Follow up is very important. Although you may think it’s their job to ring you and tell you if you have gotten the job, they may be busy, forget or are waiting to see who really wants the job by you ringing in. After a week give them a call, politely ask if they need any more information and if any more opportunities are out there. They may tell you that the job is yours.

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