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Refugee Immigration Program

The country of Canada offers an effective refugee immigration program that brings people in to Canada that need the help and support of a stable country. The reasons why refugees flee their home land may be due to war, fear of persecution, poverty or the devastating results of natural disasters. This process is known as the refugee immigration program, and regular requirements for immigrants are thrown out due to the severe nature of each case. When a foreign refugee goes through the program successfully they are said to have gone through “resettlement.” Approximately 25,000 refugees are granted permanent residence in Canada every year. The government of Canada provides an income support which lasts up to one year from the date of arrival in Canada.

Canada relies on the honest work from the United Nations High Commissioner and various other private sponsorship groups and referral organizations to correctly investigate each case a deem somebody a refugee fit to enter Canada, rather than somebody looking to gain illegal entry.

The private sponsorship groups that work with the Canadian government agree to provide funds and undertake various duties in order to sponsor refugees, so that there is limited impact on the Canadian economy. These Private sponsorship groups and corporations have to sign an agreement with Canada’s Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration.

There are several legal processes that are followed in order to make the resettlement process run smoothly. These are known as the Convention Refugees Abroad Class (if a refugee is outside their home country, or the country where they normally live, and can’t return to that country because of a well-founded fear of persecution,) Country of Asylum Class (for people in refugee-like situations, who do not qualify as Convention refugees,) and Source Country Class (which is when the refugee’s home land is usually subject to a high profile war and they have lost the right of freedom of expression, the right of dissent or the right to engage in trade union activity, and have been detained or imprisoned as a result). The latter process normally qualifies for automatic resettlement to Canada.

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