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Canada jobs

Positions in the I.T. field currently in-demand

One of the most important questions, in today’s world is “What are the most popular and well-paid jobs?”. One of the hottest jobs out there are in the IT industry without a doubt. But wait, what about all the talk about outsourcing all IT jobs in India and China, you may ask? The truth is that even with all outsourcing Canadian employers are facing severe shortage of qualified IT workers. It looks like the situation with lack of experienced IT professionals will only get worse, because of the wave of baby boomers who will retire in the next few years and will vacate many high-level IT positions.

Canadian employers are approaching college and university students in attempt to fill their vacant IT positions. Canadian government does a good job in this regard too, with its Independent Skilled Worker immigration program. A high percentage of the new skilled workers arriving in Canada each year, have university degree in IT related fields.

Below you’ll find a list of IT jobs which are in high demand.

Programmers and analysts in:

• Object oriented software

• Web developer, web administrator

• Data warehousing, Databases

• Business systems and development

• Systems administrator

• Software engineer

• Web/graphic designer

• Internet

• I.T. consultant

• Applications development manager

• Quality assurance manager

• Manager of systems engineering

• LAN/WAN administrators

• PC software specialist

• Technical writer

• Systems architect

• ERP software integration and implementation specialist

• Network engineer

• IT Support

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