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The hidden job market – 10 steps to success.

1. When looking for job, the first thing you need to do is to prepare a list with prospective companies. Once you have the list, call each company and try to find out the name of the person who is in charge of hiring.

2. Prepare a short script of what you will say when calling to find out who’s in charge of hiring. Practice the script several times, until you feel confident and everything sounds smooth.

3. Have a resume and cover letter ready and email them to that person you found in the previous 2 steps.

4. In the Cover letter give a quick background of yourself and say that you are very interested to work for this company. Mention that you’ll follow-up with a quick phone call the next day.

5. Call the next day and ask for the person you sent the email to! If you face resistance from a secretary or a switch board operator, simply explain that you are following up and your call is expected.

6. To get through the switch board call early, or call late, or during lunch break and call every day!

7. If you are unable to speak with the hiring person, leave a polite voicemail, explaining what you are calling about and that you’ll call back tomorrow.

8. When you reach the person in charge of hiring stay focused and don’t waste her/his time. Prepare what you are going to say and practice it before calling. Talk slowly and with confidence. State your name, the position you are interested in (if there is any) and that you are following up.

9. If the person in charge of hiring says that they don’t have any open positions at the moment, ask if they can direct you to somebody in their line of business who is hiring.

10. Drop off your Resume at the office but always ask for a particular person and leave it to him. Don’t leave your Resume at the front desk, because chances are it will end-up in the recycling bin before somebody from HR sees it.

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