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Working effectively with Employment Agencies

Employment agencies are very important part of the working world. The most important thing is to talk directly with the recruiters. Sometimes if they had the right Resume for the right position they don't place an ad. They will contact you directly and only a few people will compete for the particular position. When you call an employment agency one of the first questions you have to answer is what kind of job you are looking for, and what skills you have? Do your research and be prepared to answer these questions. If they have a position available and the phone screening goes well, you’ll be invited at the agency to meet with a recruiter. This meeting involves in depth interview and sometimes skill testing. The interview at the agency is a rehearsal for the interview with your potential employer, so there are some important things you have to be prepared for:

• Prepare to answer all sorts of questions – work experience and education related. They often are checking you references so keep that in mind!

• Dress professionally

• Ask your agent the following:

- Can you give me any tips about the company?

- Am I dressed properly? Do I have to look casual or strictly business?

- How do I present myself? Do you have any suggestions?

- Do I negotiate my salary with them?

Follow-up with the employment agency/recruiter after the interview. The follow up is very important! If you liked the company and the interview went well share your thoughts with your employment agent!

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