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They promise a great deal and test candidates thoroughly, but do not deliver in the end.Michael Miller49/24/2001
As like most (if not all) agencies they do not do any work on behalf of the person seeking a job. It is all a front set up so they can collect a fee from companies looking for employees. The companies would be better off using the newspapers themselves to recruit employees. I have computer skills i.e. Word (65 WPM), PowerPoint, Excel, E-Mail. Do you think I have heard anything from these people and yet I consistently see their adds and send in a resume on a particular job and never hear from them? Lasell15/26/2003
A rating of just 1, is even to high. PATHETIC, people interested in finding work through this company, don't walk, run as fast as you can in the other direction. Main concern, no return phone calls. Too mch to ask? paul18/8/2005

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